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Watch Alaska’s House speaker welcome back lawmakers with a cow bell joke


There are three things you have to know in order to understand this political insider’s joke from Alaska:

• First, you have to be familiar with the instant-classic “More Cowbell” skit that aired on Saturday Night Live 14 years ago.
• Second, you have to recognize Rep. Mike Chenault, the Republican speaker of Alaska’s House of Representatives (which reconvened on Tuesday).
• And, thirdly, you have to be familiar with a little piece of legislation he introduced: a bill that eliminates the state Department of Revenue’s role as the official maintainer of cattle brands. It’s a wasteful and inefficient 50-year-old practice, he argues.

Speaker Chenault cracks a cow bell joke at the tail end of the inaugural episode of “Alaska Robotics News,” a crowd-funded political satire series covering the 2014 Alaska legislative session.

Watch it below (and, no, you can’t have your 15 seconds back):