A few weeks ago, the country was rooting for just about any team except the Seattle Seahawks. But by the time Peyton Manning was chasing errant snaps, and Percy Harvin was returning kickoffs for touchdowns, football fans everywhere had started to come around — at least according to Facebook.

Data released by the company Monday shows a huge number of fans from coast to coast rooting for Seattle over Denver. Big majorities of fans posting on the social network during the Super Bowl were pulling for the Seahawks in the Pacific Northwest, the Upper Midwest and the Eastern Seaboard. Here’s the fan map:

Source: Facebook

Seahawks supporters outnumbered Bronco backers in every county where data was available in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Delaware Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine. Broncos fans only outnumbered Seahawks fans in every county in one state — not surprisingly, Colorado.

And check out all those Seahawks fans in Virginia and North Carolina. They were rooting for Richmond native (and former N.C. State standout) Russell Wilson.