The bankruptcy plan filed by the city of Detroit on Friday will slash pensions for non-uniformed retirees by nearly a third, our own Michael Fletcher reports. The plan also cuts pensions for police and firefighters by 10 percent.

Unsurprisingly, some of the people who would be affected are upset, Fletcher reports:

Gwendolyn Beasley, 67, a former library clerk who retired in 2000 after a 34-year career, called the proposal unfair. Under the plan she would lose more than $400 of her $1,400-a-month pension.

“I’m outraged,” Beasley said. “We didn’t cause this deficit in the budget and to expect us to take these cuts is not right. I hope it is reversed in the courts.”

Watch the video below to hear another take — that of a woman whose husband began serving as a Detroit police officer in the 1960s.