Do you live in an ACT state or an SAT state?

Higher education reporter Nick Anderson conducted an analysis of the prevalence of the two college admissions tests and found that the answer to that question depends broadly on geography. The SAT is generally more prevalent in the West, Northeast and Washington area. The ACT is more prevalent in center-of-the-nation and Southern states. But, Anderson found, the SAT has been hard-hit since its major revamp nine years ago.

“In 29 states, a Washington Post analysis found, there were fewer SAT test-takers in the high school class of 2013 than there were in the class of 2006,” he reports in his story on state use of the two tests. “By comparison, usage of the rival ACT admission test fell in three states: Idaho, Maine and South Dakota.”

Read the full story and check out the interactive below, created by The Post’s Dan Keating and Kennedy Elliott and based on data collected by  Anderson.