(Orlin Wagner/AP)

The federal government plans to monitor elections in three counties — in two states — on Tuesday.

The Justice Department announced that it would be monitoring elections in California’s Alameda and Napa counties and New Mexico’s Cibola County to make sure they are conducted in accordance with  federal voting rights law and the Voting Rights Act, which bars discrimination based on race, color or belonging to a minority language group.

Alameda was sued in 2011 for failing to effectively provide voting access to Spanish- and Chinese-speaking citizens. Observers there will be at polling locations to watch how elections are conducted, and lawyers will be in touch with local election officials, the agency said in a statement. Polling places will also be monitored in Napa and Cibola counties.

The Justice Department sued Cibola County in 1993 for failing to protect members of minority language groups under the Voting Rights Act. Because of the Native American reservations partly or completely in the county, the county agreed in 2011 to provide oral voting instructions and assistance in the Keresan and Navajo languages, which have not historically been written down.