Dos Equis may have the Most Interesting Man in the World, but Colorado has the Most Interesting Politician in the World — and he wants to be governor.

Glendale Mayor Mike Dunafon last week qualified to appear on the gubernatorial ballot after turning in more than the required 1,000 valid signatures, the Denver Post reported. In YouTube videos, Dunafon channels his inner Jonathan Goldsmith, puffing a cigar in front of a fireplace and offering one-liners that rival the Dos Equis pitchman.

“I don’t always bring hip waders to a debate. But when I do, it’s for a reason,” Dunafon says in one clip. In another, he pauses for a drag on his stogie: “I don’t often read the Constitution. But when I do, it’s to make me smile.”

Dunafon’s first foray into politics came in 1998, when he spearheaded an effort to save Shotgun Willie’s, a strip club and a Glendale institution. Dunafon led a voter registration drive that signed up so many new voters that it managed to kill a proposed city council ordinance and boot three city council members at the same time.

He served a few terms on the council before becoming mayor of the tiny city of 4,100 people, which is surrounded on all sides by the city and county of Denver.

He’ll appear on a crowded ballot alongside Gov. John Hickenlooper (D), former Rep. Bob Beauprez (R) and nominees from the Green and Libertarian Parties. He’s one of two independent candidates on the ballot.

We don’t always take the time to spotlight long-shot candidates, but when we do, it’s because they crack us up. Check out more of Dunafon’s quirky videos on his YouTube page.