Two cereals dominate nearly every state in the country, at least by how well-liked they are on Facebook.

The folks over at the Movoto Real Estate Blog decided to dive into the number of Facebook “likes” each of the ten top-grossing cereals received by state and found that Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Special K were the top choices in all but two states. Kentuckians apparently really love their Froot Loops and West Virginians are big fans of Frosted Mini Wheats. But that doesn’t mean that those two cereals are the most-liked overall. Among the top 10 best-selling branded cereals, to which Movoto limited its search, the duo ranks right in the middle: Cinnamon Toast Crunch is fifth, Special K is sixth.

They further break down the data by cereal in their post. Of course, it hasn’t been scientifically analyzed and using Facebook as the only source doesn’t fully reflect state populations — it just reflects people on Facebook. But it’s fun to explore. Here’s that map:

Most-liked cereal by state. (Movoto)