California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed a bill Thursday increasing the amount of money that licensed racing associations are required to donate to horse racing industry charities.

Licensed racing associations in California are required by law to donate net proceeds to charities on designated “charity days.” Previously, 20 percent of this money was mandated to go to charities with the horse racing industry. The new bill, AB2637, increases that amount to 50 percent.

Horse racing associations are now required to donate 20 percent of their charity day haul to an endowment for disabled jockeys, 5 percent for a welfare fund for for horesemen, horesewomen, and backstretch personnel, 5 percent for alcohol and substance abuse assistance, and 20 percent for other charities associated with the horse racing industry.

According to the California Horse Racing Board, charity day donations totaled about $778,000 during the most recent fiscal year.