In the 12 days since unarmed teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., reporters and residents tweeted what they saw at the ensuing protests. The data they generated illustrated where, and how, the protests moved, from the QuikTrip convenience store on West Florissant Avenue to police headquarters on South Florissant.

The folks at MapBox used the geotag codes in those tweets to show who was participating — residents, journalists and visitors from as far away as New York, Los Angeles and Washington.

“We found dense clusters of tweets from both locals and visitors along the few key blocks of West Florissant Avenue, from the QuikTrip convenience store at the north end to the McDonald’s at the south, as well as near the police headquarters on South Florissant Road and the fire station on Chambers Road,” MapBox’s Chris Herwig said in an e-mail. “Local people seem to have tweeted more from those endpoints, while people visiting were more likely to tweet from locations in between. Other clusters of tweets include the Target store further south on West Florissant Avenue and the apartment complex where Brown was killed.”

Here’s what their tweetmap looks like:

Zoom in, and toggle between tweets sent by residents and those sent by visitors.