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Idaho professor shoots himself in foot two months after state legalizes guns on campuses

Idaho State University (Google Maps)
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A professor at Idaho State University in Pocatello accidentally fired his concealed gun Wednesday, shooting himself in the foot.

A student told KIDK3 the gun went off in the middle of class. Police said the gun was in the professor’s pants pocket, was not visible during class, and that the professor, who was not identified, had a concealed carry permit.

The incident comes after a bill was signed in July by Gov. Butch Otter (R) allowing those with concealed carry permits to carry guns on state college and university campuses. The bill, which made Idaho the seventh state to allow concealed weapons on campus, prohibits guns in dorms, arenas, stadiums or theaters. Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin also allow concealed weapons on campus. Twenty states prohibit concealed weapons, and the remainder allow colleges and universities to decide whether to allow or prohibit them.

States laws regarding concealed weapons on college campuses

“The Constitution limits neither the reach nor the protection afforded to lawful carriers of firearms by the second amendment,” Otter said in a statement when the bill was signed in March. “Court precedent has empowered and circumstances have compelled government entities to carve out specific exceptions. This is not the circumstance to carve out another.”

A survey of 401 college and university presidents conducted by Ball State University in June found 95 percent of respondents opposed concealed weapons on campus.

Police said the professor was treated and released from a hospital.