Wyoming Capitol exterior (by Matthew Trump . Licensed under Creative Commons)

A Wyoming committee on Friday approved a bill that would cut wait times for some felons to regain their right to vote.

The state Joint Judiciary Committee passed a measure that the legislature will take up early next year, according to the Casper Star Tribune. If passed, the bill would get rid of a five-year waiting period for those either convicted of a single nonviolent felony or multiple nonviolent felonies related to the same event.

Only two states, Maine and Vermont, do not take away felons’ voting rights. The rest either require an individual to complete the sentence before being able to vote again, or require an application process, according to the national Conference of State Legislatures. Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, and Virginia require gubernatorial pardons.

There were 5.3 million people unable to vote in the 2008 election because of a felony conviction, including 2.1 million ex-offenders who had completed their sentences, according to data from the Sentencing Project .