Former Florida governor Charlie Crist (D), left, and Gov. Rick Scott (R). (REUTERS/Steve Nesius/Joe Skipper)

Correction: An earlier version of this story transposed the titles and parties of Charlie Crist and Rick Scott. This version has been corrected.

Republicans and Democrats are about tied when it comes to spending in the country’s top gubernatorial races thanks to heavy spending by Republicans in Florida and Texas.

Broadcast and national cable television ad buys between September 12 and 25 in 15 governor’s races across the country total $46.84 million, according to a Wesleyan Media Project study. Democrats account for 50.25 percent of that total.

Ad spending for gubernatorial race broadcast and national cable television buys from September 12 to 25:

Republicans’ biggest buy came in Florida, where former governor Charlie Crist (D) has a slim 44-42 percent lead over Gov. Rick Scott (R) among likely voters in a September Quinnipiac University poll. Republicans have spent $6.64 million on TV ad buys there, compared with $4.07 million by Democrats. Republicans are also outspending Democrats in Texas, Michigan, Kansas, Colorado, South Carolina, and Iowa.

Democrats’ highest spending is in Illinois, where they’ve spent $4.17 million on Gov. Pat Quinn who’s facing Republican Bruce Rauner. Democrats are also leading in spending in Wisconsin, New York, Georgia, Maine, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Minnesota.

Percentage of gubernatorial race broadcast and national cable television buys from September 12 to 25 paid for by outside groups:

The study also broke down what percentage of ad spending came from outside groups. For Michigan Democrat Mark Shauer, 100 percent is from the Democratic Governors Association. The only other gubernatorial race Wesleyan Media Project reported where outside spending was over three-fourths is Republican Jeff Johnson in Minnesota with 86.75 percent.