Of the 20 states whose residents donated the biggest share of their income, all but one voted for Mitt Romney in 2012.

Rates of giving ranged from 1.74 percent in New Hampshire to 6.56 percent in Utah, as a share of their adjusted gross income, according to a comprehensive review of Internal Revenue Service data by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. (Utah is home to a sizable population of Mormons, who are expected to contribute 10 percent of their income to the church.) Among the top 20, all but 18th-ranked Florida voted for Romney during the last presidential election. Wyoming ranked 20th with a rate of giving of 3.09 percent.

The map and chart below show the states that contributed most, and who won the most votes in 2012. It is part of the Chronicle’s in-depth analysis of charitable giving down to the Zip code level.

State Presidential vote in 2012 Rate of giving
Utah Mitt Romney 6.56%
Mississippi Mitt Romney 4.99%
Alabama Mitt Romney 4.81%
Tennessee Mitt Romney 4.45%
Georgia Mitt Romney 4.20%
South Carolina Mitt Romney 4.13%
Idaho Mitt Romney 4.09%
Oklahoma Mitt Romney 3.94%
Arkansas Mitt Romney 3.91%
North Carolina Mitt Romney 3.63%
Kansas Mitt Romney 3.45%
Texas Mitt Romney 3.42%
South Dakota Mitt Romney 3.35%
Kentucky Mitt Romney 3.29%
Louisiana Mitt Romney 3.29%
Nebraska Mitt Romney 3.27%
Indiana Mitt Romney 3.26%
Florida Barack Obama 3.22%
Missouri Mitt Romney 3.18%
D.C. Barack Obama 3.15%
Wyoming Mitt Romney 3.09%
Maryland Barack Obama 3.07%
Michigan Barack Obama 3.01%
Arizona Mitt Romney 3.00%
New Mexico Barack Obama 2.92%
Iowa Barack Obama 2.89%
Montana Mitt Romney 2.89%
New York Barack Obama 2.86%
Oregon Barack Obama 2.77%
Virginia Barack Obama 2.76%
Colorado Barack Obama 2.73%
Ohio Barack Obama 2.72%
Washington Barack Obama 2.70%
West Virginia Mitt Romney 2.70%
Illinois Barack Obama 2.69%
Nevada Barack Obama 2.68%
Delaware Barack Obama 2.67%
Alaska Mitt Romney 2.65%
Minnesota Barack Obama 2.64%
California Barack Obama 2.56%
Pennsylvania Barack Obama 2.55%
Hawaii Barack Obama 2.47%
Wisconsin Barack Obama 2.44%
North Dakota Mitt Romney 2.37%
Connecticut Barack Obama 2.34%
Massachusetts Barack Obama 2.19%
Rhode Island Barack Obama 2.07%
New Jersey Barack Obama 2.01%
Vermont Barack Obama 2.00%
Maine Barack Obama 1.95%
New Hampshire Barack Obama 1.74%