Among Latinas, those living in California have it worst. Among black women, it’s in Louisiana.

In those states, the wage gap between those groups and white men are largest. Each group earns less than half of what non-Hispanic white men earn in the given state, according to a new analysis of median earnings Census data by the National Women’s Law Center. The Census data—three-year averages—were released on Thursday.

Nationwide, the middle-of-the-pack earnings for a full-time, year-round working Latina is 43.5 cents on the dollar shy of what white men earn. (In other words, Latinas earn 56.5 cents for every dollar a white non-Hispanic male earns.) For African-American women, the national wage gap is 36.3 cents: or roughly 63.7 cents for every dollar earned by a white non-Hispanic male.

Here’s a look at wage gaps by state, according to NWLC.

(To calculate how much a women earns for every $1 a white, non-Hispanic male earns, simply subtract the wage gap from 100. If the wage gap is 40 cents, a women earns 60 cents for every dollar a male earns.)

D.C. is ranked 34th, with a 50.2 cent gap for Latinas.

D.C. is ranked second to last, with a 46.1 cent gap for black women.