The residents of Massachusetts and Colorado are the most politically engaged in the nation, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by personal finance social network WalletHub, looked at six metrics — measures of voter registration and turnout, political spending and civic education engagement — and found that Massachusetts topped the list in terms of engagement. West Virginia ranked dead last. Here’s a look at their rankings mapped out (you can find a full list at the end of this post):

The study also found that political engagement, as WalletHub defined it, was correlated with a more highly educated population, higher per capita economic output and fairer tax systems. Blue states were more engaged than red states.

Engagement was determined using six voting-related metrics, each weighted differently. Two variables were counted twice: the share of citizens who voted in the 2010 elections and the share who voted in the 2012 elections. Three variables were counted once: the share of registered voters in the 2012 presidential election, the change from 2008 to 2012 in the share of citizens who voted and per capita adult political contributions. Civic education engagement was half-weighted. The data for the metrics were pulled from the Census Bureau, Center for Responsive Politics, Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement, Bureau of Economic Analysis and WalletHub Research.

A full list of the rankings follows. (Some argue that because Washington, D.C., which ranks fouth, is not a state it would be better compared to cities.)

Overall engagement rank State
1 Massachusetts
2 Colorado
3 Minnesota
4 District of Columbia
5 Wisconsin
6 Maine
7 Iowa
8 Mississippi
9 Montana
10 Oregon
11 Delaware
12 Washington
13 New Hampshire
Tied, 14 Louisiana
Tied, 14 Michigan
16 Kansas
17 North Carolina
18 Vermont
19 North Dakota
20 Virginia
21 South Carolina
22 South Dakota
23 Maryland
24 Connecticut
25 Idaho
26 Missouri
Tied, 27 Georgia
Tied, 27 Illinois
29 Alabama
30 Rhode Island
31 Alaska
Tied, 32 New York
Tied, 32 Pennsylvania
Tied, 34 Ohio
Tied, 34 Wyoming
36 Kentucky
37 New Jersey
38 California
39 New Mexico
40 Florida
41 Nebraska
42 Arizona
43 Arkansas
44 Nevada
45 Indiana
46 Tennessee
47 Utah
48 Texas
49 Hawaii
50 Oklahoma
51 West Virginia