More than $1.7 million has been raised by opponents of an Arkansas ballot measure that would legalize liquor sales statewide, including contributions from state liquor stores.

Because 35 of Arkansas’ 75 counties are “dry” and prohibit alcohol sales, liquor stores near the county lines of dry counties can be lucrative. Multiple stores and groups have poured money into defeating the measure, like the Conway County Liquor Association based in Morrilton, which is near dry Faulkner County and has donated more than half a million dollars.

“It’s obviously something some businesses are concerned about,” said Brian Richardson, a spokesman for Citizens for Local Rights.

The group has raised money from more than 800 contributors, but the majority of the cash has come from other groups, like Shamrock Liquor in Fort Smith, which donated $150,000, and Rockport Refreshment Co. in Cabot, which donated $85,000, according to state records.

A poll commissioned by Citizens for Local Rights and released in September found 79  percent of likely voters believe that counties should decide for themselves whether to be wet or dry, and 54 percent said they would likely vote against the amendment.

“We like our decisions made on a local level,” Richardson said. “It’s held sacred by most people in Arkansas.”

Let Arkansas Decide, a group supporting the measure, has raised $165,000, mostly from out-of-state groups like Casey’s General Store and Kum & Go in Iowa, and EZ Mart in Texas.

“At least on financial reports, there’s definitely no local groups supporting this issue,” Richardson said.

Even if the amendment fails at the ballot, however, Arkansas’ dry counties could eventually go wet, it would just be on a one-by-one basis. Seven counties have flipped in the past three years, and two — Saline and Columbia counties — will vote on whether to go wet next week.