It was only a matter of time before someone went there, and the someone is North Carolina state Sen. Chad Barefoot (R).

In a new campaign ad, Barefoot rips a page — or rather a set — from the House of Cards playbook to link his opponent, former Congressional aide Sarah Crawford (D), to her lobbyist husband.

“I’m a lobbyist. People pay me to influence legislators. Would it help me if my wife were in the state Senate? What do you think?” the actor who plays Crawford’s husband says. The music sounds like, but isn’t exactly, the House of Cards soundtrack, and the ad maker even throws in an upside down North Carolina flag (Nice touch, guys).

Here’s the ad:

The ad is factually correct: Dan Crawford is a registered lobbyist, according to the North Carolina Secretary of State’s office. But if you’ll forgive our skepticism, we doubt he hangs around smoking a cigar — the group he lobbies for is the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters, where he’s the director of government affairs.

The race between Barefoot and Crawford, who are fighting over a seat that covers Franklin and Wake Counties, is one of the more expensive in North Carolina this year. One strategist watching the contest estimated it’s likely to cost the two sides a combined $2.5 million, which is stratospheric in the world of North Carolina legislators. Frank Underwood, watching from across the border in South Carolina, would be impressed.