Most voters find themselves casting their ballots in a hall, a school or a church. But some lucky voters have pretty incredible polling sites waiting for them.

When officials select a polling location, they’re generally looking for accessibility in every sense of the word. That leaves a lot of other variables on the table, as is evident from the strange locations below.

The Brooklyn Museum
Some voters in New York’s Assembly District 57 are voting today at the Brooklyn Museum, an enormous, beautiful building just north of Prospect Park.

Arizona Challenger Space Center, Peoria

Neptune Society Columbarium, San Francisco

A few lucky San Franciscans get to vote in one of the city’s architectural treasures, a neo-classical building that stores cinerary urns.

Harley Davidson Store, Lincoln, Neb.

McDonalds playground, Los Angeles

Krishna Temple, Salt Lake City

These Washington, D.C., dumpsters

Okay, fine, Washington Post national political correspondent Karen Tumulty didn’t really have to vote in dumpsters. But good sign placement!