A Massachusetts town board that was considering a ban on cigarette sales has voted against the proposal after outcry from residents.

The Westminster Board of Health on Wednesday dropped the proposed ordinance to prohibit sale of all tobacco products. It would have been the first ban of its kind in the U.S.

“I’m disappointed because we were trying to do something good,” Andrea Crete, board chairwoman and lone member of the board who voted for the proposal, told the Boston Globe. “We could have made Westminster tobacco-free in the sense children would have no exposure to tobacco at the stores.”

A public meeting over the proposal in November was ended early after Crete said people weren’t “respecting the ground rules.”

Those opposed included store owners who worried the ban would hurt sales and residents who thought the measure would infringe personal rights.

The town, which is home to fewer than 8,000 people, is about 52 miles north of Boston.