The Arizona Capitol is now selling Cold Stone Creamery ice cream ahead of, but unrelated to, the company’s former CEO Doug Ducey becoming governor next year.

A freezer was stocked with Cold Stone Creamery products in a cafeteria area in the Capitol in October, the Arizona Department of Economic Security said. The decision to sell prepackaged products from the company was made in February.

“This was a private agreement between our blind vendor and a private company, so it was unrelated to Gov.-elect Ducey,” spokeswoman Tasya Peterson said in an email to the Washington Post.

Gov.-elect Doug Ducey (R) won 53 percent of the vote in November. He was CEO of Cold Stone Creamery until 2007 when the company was sold to Kahala Group, which franchises restaurants.

During the Republican primary, Ducey’s opponents questioned a dispute regarding the sale. Ducey said at the time both sides reached an agreement and were satisfied with the terms of the sale.

Ducey, who served as Arizona treasurer, campaigned on his experience in the private sector at Cold Stone, and held at least one “ice cream social” campaign event.

“I want you to look at me and evaluate me from your personal experience at Cold Stone Creamery,” he said at a June campaign forum.