A bill filed in Texas would prohibit school districts from disciplining students in kindergarten through fifth grade from having toy guns or simulating a firearm.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Ryan Guillen (D), lists a number of items students would be protected from possessing or brandishing, including partially eaten pastries, any food item, toy weapons two inches or smaller, weapons made of snap-together blocks, fingers, hands, crayons, pencils, and pens. It also bars schools from punishing K-5 students for making weapon noises or drawing or having images of weapons.

The bill, however, still allows students to be disciplined for injuring others or disrupting learning.

Guillen said he filed the bill because of a 7-year-old Maryland boy who was suspended from his school for two days in 2013 for chewing a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun and saying “bang bang.”

“Texas students shouldn’t lose instruction time for holding gun-shaped Pop Tart snacks at school,” he told the Houston Chronicle. “This bill will fix this.”