The 45.1-point margin by which South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard (R) was reelected last month was the largest of any gubernatorial election in state history, according to a new analysis.

Daugaard’s victory margin unseated the previous record set 110 years ago, when Samuel Elrod (R) defeated Louis Crill (D) by 43.6 points in 1904. Daugaard was reelected with 70.5 percent of the vote — the largest share in state history — compared to Democrat Susan Wismer’s 25.4 percent.

Daugaard’s huge margin of victory reflects the stranglehold the Republican Party has on the governorship in that state.
Over the past 125 years, the party’s candidate has won 44 of 54 races — slightly more than 4 in 5. The party can also claim the nation’s longest gubernatorial victory streak, with 10 governors in a row. The last Democratic gubernatorial victory went to Richard Kneip in 1974, according to Smart Politics.

Utah Republicans are next, with nine back-to-back gubernatorial victories, followed by Oregon and Washington, where Democrats have won eight consecutive times. Democrats in Delaware and New Hampshire and Republicans in Idaho, North Dakota and Texas have held onto the governorship in those states for the past six elections.