Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R) signaled his opposition to a proposed bill that would cut off water to the NSA’s facility south of Salt Lake City.

“I know people have had some frustration with the NSA,” Herbert said on a conference call with reporters Tuesday, but the state’s agreement with the agency was, “something I think we need to continue to honor.”

The facility, located in Bluffdale, uses between 2 to 4 million gallons of water a month, according to public records. Bluffdale issued $3.5 million in bonds to pay for the water lines and sells the agency water for less than the price set by city ordinances.

The bill, sponsored by state Rep. Marc Roberts (R), would prohibit municipalities from providing any support for any federal data collection and surveillance agency.

Herbert has said previously he has had concerns with the NSA, but it was Congress’ responsibility to provide oversight and he didn’t have a problem with the facility being in Utah.

“If it’s not stored in Utah, it’ll be stored somewhere else,” he said Tuesday.