On average, Internet speeds in Delaware are faster than in all but two countries. In fact, if they were countries, five states and D.C. would rank among the 10 with the fastest speeds.

That’s according to a report released Thursday that provides data on average peak connection speeds during the third quarter of last year, measured by Akamai Technologies, which hosts content online and claims to deliver between 15 percent and 30 percent of all Web traffic. The data represents average peak speeds, which Akamai argues better reflect Internet connection capacity than average speeds.

All but three states saw average peak connection speeds rise in the third quarter. Speeds dropped 1.1 percent in Oregon, 2.4 percent in Kentucky and 2.8 percent in New Hampshire. Of course, that decline is relative. Kentucky was tied with Arkansas for the slowest peak speeds, while Oregon and New Hampshire fell somewhere in the middle of states. Connecticut’s peak speeds rose by 25 percent, a steeper rise than in any other state. It ranks behind Delaware and Washington in overall peak speeds.

Delaware also has the highest broadband adoption rates of any state, with almost 70 percent of connections to Akamai averages 10 Mbps or more.