Just one day after the president’s attempt at easing immigration rules was blocked by a Texas-based judge, the state’s governor said he wants to double border security spending.

In his State of the State address on Tuesday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott noted that he was “happy to report” that the legal reprieve President Obama had offered to some undocumented immigrants had been blocked by a federal judge.

“In Texas, we will not sit idly by while the President ignores the law and fails to secure the border,” Abbott said, according to prepared remarks.

Abbott’s plan to double spending on border security allows for 500 additional state troopers, more Texas Rangers and more funding for local law enforcement. In all, his budget calls for $735 million in the 2016-2017 biennium.

“By hiring more DPS troopers for border security, it allows officers displaced from places like Longview, Lubbock and from around the state to return to their communities to keep them safe,” Abbott said in the remarks, from which he often deviates. “It also expands the anti-gang efforts across the state, helping us to disrupt dangerous gangs in places like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.”

Increased border security spending was the fourth of five “emergency items” Abbott highlighted in his speech, which served as an unveiling for his budget plan. The others are early education, higher education research initiative, transportation funding and ethics reform.

“This legislation is essential,” he said.