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The distribution of jobs in every state, in 2 charts

The distribution of jobs in each state. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

No state’s job market is as skewed toward financial services as Delaware’s. None is as manufacturing-heavy as Indiana’s.

That’s according to the data underlying a new Bureau of Labor Statistics chart, republished below, that shows the distribution of jobs in each state economy.

As the data and chart show, the Northeast is most-dominated by the education and health services industry, which accounts for more than 20 percent of all non-farm jobs in Rhode Island (the leader, at 22 percent), Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont. Washington’s labor market is the one that skews most toward the information sector, while the leisure and hospitality sector is most overrepresented in … wait for it … Nevada.

The underlying data is available here. Here’s a look at the largest industry, as a share of non-farm jobs, in each state: