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A new report grades each state democracy on 22 factors related to voting access, limits on influence and how well represented residents are in state government.

If you're a fan of competitive races, North Carolina is the state for you.

In which the state positions itself as a better alternative to a barren, lifeless rock.

Some states know how to pick them. Some don't.

Robert "Spence" Jackson had been outspoken about an "anti-Semitic" whisper campaign against his boss.

The best place to get away from the 2016 election chatter.

It's perhaps a sign of how dire the situation is in Louisiana that Gov. Jindal’s Feb. 27 budget was missing $3.5 million for presidential primaries, and nobody raised a fuss until yesterday.

But just over a year ago, Cruz criticized President Obama for allowing such laws to proceed.

The governor's budget address was almost entirely focused on his state's massive pension problem.

By 2060, the voting population in 20 states will be majority-minority.

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