President Obama announced Friday morning that he has picked Jim Yong Kim, the president of Dartmouth College, to lead the World Bank. His nomination of Kim comes a month after current head Robert Zoellick said he would be stepping down.

Kim is the first Asian American to serve as an Ivy League college president. He is also a public health leader whose “innovative work fighting the spread of AIDS and tuberculosis” caught the president’s attention.

While president of Dartmouth, Kim sat down for a video interview with the Washington Post about his leadership style and the lessons he has learned from his work in public health.

“By far the most important thing in leadership is to have a brutually honest understanding of who you are,” Kim said.

“It’s not just charisma, it’s not just the people who can produce interesting banter, it’ people who will take responsibility for a situation and move it to a place better than it was before. That is something for every single person to aspire to.”

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