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Posted at 12:18 PM ET, 11/26/2012

Redskins are back in the playoff hunt

Who would have thought that after compiling a 3-6 record, the Redskins would still be in playoff contention? After two straight divisional wins, the Redskins are now 5-6 and very much in the hunt.

Although the Giants won too, next week’s game is a battle to get one game closer to first in the division.

The Redskins held their destinies in their hands two weeks ago and that remains even more true heading down the stretch.

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Posted at 12:29 PM ET, 11/15/2012

Let’s teach kids about the successes and failures of big-time sports

I was on a panel Wednesday night at the NYU School of Law. (A very far cry from the guy who was accused of not being bright enough to learn a football defensive scheme.) The panelists were professors, lawyers, doctors, philosophers and former athletes. The topic of conversation was college athletics, and the question was: Who’s in charge?

The first topic, of course, was Penn State.

I spoke my piece and found it interesting how a few speakers framed their comments to continue painting a distorted picture of the Sandusky fiasco and its relationship to Penn State. But even more interesting was hearing a renowned university president and an ethics expert put the affair in a different light: that the Penn State scandal was not a unique situation, other than the big names associated with it. They referred to similar problems in the military and the Catholic Church.

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Posted at 11:49 AM ET, 11/12/2012

Redskins still have a shot at a playoff berth in the weak NFC East

While the Redskins were resting this weekend, two of the other three teams in the NFC East, the Giants and Eagles, lost. The Cowboys won, of course, beating Philadelphia, but they’re still just one game ahead of Washington.

So the beginning of the rest of the season opens with hope still alive for a divisional crown.

The NFC East is looking more and more like the NFC West of recent years--weakness throughout the division. So at 3-6, the Redskins still have an opportunity to turn things around. Playing the Eagles this week is as opportune as it gets. That is a lost team ripe for another loss. Whether quarterback Michael Vick plays, the Eagles seem to have checked out for the season. This is a chance to kill two birds with one stone: a much needed win, and a divisional one at that.

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Posted at 12:11 PM ET, 11/08/2012

Redskins’ season isn’t over, unless they decide it is

As a former player, I understand how difficult it is to make it into the NFL. I also understand that it takes a special player to make it onto a NFL roster. So here’s where I get confused: I’m okay with media and fans attributing a team’s failure to injuries, but I’m not okay with players and coaches doing so.

Every coach and player has a duty and a responsibility to represent himself and his team the right way. It is not okay for a coach or player to say his team can’t win because five to six starters are out.

Last I checked, the reason a team has more than one player at each position is to have options — in case of injury, poor play or unforeseen events such as suspensions.

Successful teams are built on the concept of “one goes down, another steps up.” So why isn’t this the philosophy that’s being used by the Redskins? It just seems as though the play-calling on defense has been a direct result of a lack of trust for personnel. It’s the same issue for the offense. I don’t pretend to have the antidote to cure the ailments of this team, but I do know that the excuses being lobbed out there aren’t suitable for a regime that has been building a team for three off-seasons.

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Posted at 04:27 PM ET, 11/05/2012

Nothing will change until the Redskins find their identity

Instead of writing about what we all saw between the lines yesterday during the Redskins’ loss to the Panthers, I’m going to focus on what happened outside the lines that disturbs me.

Being in the stadium provides a different perspective on the game. Spectators are able to see more in person than they can on television. I have been curious, like everyone else, about the alleged lack of passion and fire. So I watched the Redskins’ sideline for most of the first half Sunday.

There was no visible intensity, no real visible emotion, no real visible interaction and, most disturbing of all, it looked like guys were either defeated emotionally with their heads hanging or just passing time. I’m talking about the first two quarters!

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