The Redskins have been playing some good football lately and in my opinion they played their best game of the season Sunday against the Giants.

I’m not sure why the Giants seemed to start the game sleepwalking, but the Redskins didn’t allow them to wake up and win the game.

Instead, the offense continued to keep pressure on New York’s defense and the Redskins defense forced Eli Manning into mistakes.

Even the special teams contributed, most notably by Graham Gano having a perfect day.

This was, by far, the most complete effort of the year. This game reminds me of the time we went into Philadelphia seeking our 5th win in a row at Veterans Stadium. It was going to be very difficult to go into the Vet and come out with a victory but we did. It was the biggest victory of the year.

Sunday’s contest wasn’t for a five-game winning streak, but the Redskins were playing well for a fifth straight week, in a hostile environment.

They weren’t playing for a playoff spot or a division title, but they were playing for pride and for one another. I know this because I remember that’s what we were playing for when we went and won that game in 2001 to become the first team to lose five in a row, then win five in a row.

There’s no doubt the offense has truly found a rhythm that is working and the defense had a strong showing, stifling the Giants on their home turf. It was an impressive victory, maybe the signature victory of the season.

The Redskins still have the Eagles and the outcome of that game will definitely dictate the tone for the upcoming offseason. But for now, it’s exciting to see what looks like a turning of the corner for this team.

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