After pulling out a much needed victory over the Bucs, the Redskins sit at .500 after the first quarter of the NFL season. With the schedule they have coming up, undefeated or 3-1 would have put them in a better spot. All four games were winnable. Washington let the Rams and Bengals games get away. They didn’t lose to better teams.

The season now gets more challenging as the Redskins meet teams that, on paper, are considered better. It starts with their next opponent, the Atlanta Falcons.

With the offense playing well enough to make every game competitive, I’m very interested to see if they can do it against an elite caliber team.

Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris played very well and, surprisingly, so did the offensive line. If the Redskins can prove to themselves that this offense can move the ball and score against top teams, and keep Griffin healthy, this could turn into a very interesting season.

They must improve on third down conversions, but all in all they have done a wonderful job carrying this team so far.

The defense and special teams still need to improve dramatically if there is to be progress in the win and loss columns. And that’s all I will say about those units in fear of turning this post from positive to negative.


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