We all know Michael Vick’s story: the dogfighting conviction, the jail time and his rise back to prominence as the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting quarterback. Some people have forgiven Vick, while others have not.

Which brings me to the cover of the Madden NFL ’12 video game.

This year’s cover star will be determined by fan voting, and the winner will be announced Wednesday afternoon. Vick is a finalist (along with Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis) for what has become a coveted honor, as the Madden cover annually features a photo of one of the most popular players in the game.

Some also think there’s an injury curse associated with the Madden cover, as many of the cover stars have suffered injuries the following season.

I’m not superstitious and would have gladly accepted the cover when I was playing, but nonetheless the players who appear on the cover do seem to get hurt more often than not.

The curse has more meaning this year because fans will decide who goes on the cover. In an attempt to shake things up, EA Sports is conducting a tournament in which voters nominate and pick who will be on this year’s cover.

Here’s my point: Is it possible that Vick’s lack of popularity will land him on the Madden cover?

I was reading an article in which Packers fans talked about how they voted for players other than Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers because of the curse.

I think people are banking on voting Vick onto the cover so he will fall victim to the curse. If Vick wins, we will never know how many people wanted him to win so he could be exposed to the Madden curse, but it’s safe to say he won’t win purely because of his popularity among the fans.