It was alumni day at FedEx Field and it was the first time my family and I were at a game together since 2006. My kids have run around with Redskins jerseys and helmets all these years, and finally they were at a game.

(Courtesy of LaVar Arrington)

It was humbling and exciting to see all the fans again, to come out of the tunnel one more time. I’m so appreciative of how amazing the Redskins faithful are. It was such a warm reception.

But it was my kids who stole the show Sunday. Their excitement at running on the field, seeing the players, taking pictures! These are 6 - and 5-year olds; you’d have thought they were at Disney World. All they have been taught is Skins football.

A funny story, one of my daughters was tattling on her brother to me. She said “Daddy, ManMan said ‘stupid.’” ManMan, as LaVar II is called, is already a Redskins football player in his own mind. So I called him into the room and said “Dude, you know better than to say ‘stupid.’ We don’t use that word.”

He responded: “Daddy, I was talking about Dallas!”

I tried my best to keep a straight face and I declared that the only time they could use that word is when referencing the Cowboys.

Great parenting.

That’s how much we love the Redskins. And they were finally at a game!

The outcome wasn’t what we would have liked, but it felt really good to be back in a place that once was my house.

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