Alabama’s easy win over LSU in the Bowl Championship Series title game raises more issues surrounding the current BCS. More than ever, I think there needs to be a playoff system.

I don’t understand how teams from the same conference can compete for a national title when one did not even participate in the conference championship game. That’s like a track star losing in the Olympic trails but — because they beat enough highly ranked runners during the year — they automatically advance to the gold medal round. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make a bit of sense to me.

Here’s what I think should happen: If you play in a conference deemed worthy of a BCS playoff berth, the conference champions alone should advance into a BCS playoff.

To me, this makes so much sense. The reality is there are way too many teams to try and determine a champion fairly through computer rankings and human polls.

What’s really sad is there’s no chance for a Cinderella team in the current system. A conference champion that finishes undefeated playing a weaker schedule can be leapfrogged by a team that didn’t go undefeated or even compete for a conference title.

This needs to change. At least have pre-determined BCS conferences so when a kid chooses a school they know what they are getting themselves into.

If a small school in a super conference had an amazing year and played their way through the playoffs, they deserve to compete for a national title.

The system as it stands now is flawed, and I hope at some point this becomes apparent enough for changes to be made. I don’t know about you, but none of the dozens of bowl games mean anything except one, and that’s the national championship game.

Think about the excitement generated by the NFL playoffs, where every game matters. If you win, you’ve earned the right to march closer to a championship; lose, and it’s try again next year. This is how it should be in college football.

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