The attention on Robert Griffin III and the Redskins is a mounting concern for me.

I will be the first one to admit that what happened last Sunday was very exciting, as well as promising. But the thing that bothers me is all the media attention surrounding a single win.

The Redskins must fight against thinking they are better than they are. They had an extraordinary first game, a much-needed performance that will restore hope to a fan base that has stayed loyal through the worst of times.

My concern is that their performance against the Saints sets the bar of expectations unrealistically high. The team may exceed expectations this season. Or it may not.

If the team can maintain a steady focus throughout the media blitz that has come with Griffin, it has a fighting chance this season.

It won’t be easy. The Redskins’ schedule would be difficult for any team. It’s possible that the schedule and all the hype make things doubly difficult if they don’t deliver.

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