Does anyone seem capable of taking over the NFC East? Or is it just a toss up?

The Redskins have been under tremendous scrutiny as of of late, after dropping their last two games. I was casually discussing the team with someone who told me that Washington can forget about winning the division. For a moment I agreed, but then I started thinking about the other teams in the NFC East and I changed my mind. The Redskins certainly have a chance. They are no worse off than any other team in the division right now.

The Eagles, slated to be the NFL’s Dream Team this season, have struggled all year to find victories and still have yet to win against a serious contender. This is by far the most talented team in the division, but the Eagles have grossly under-achieved so far.

The Giants, have shown signs of being a pretty good team, and then not so much. They have fought the injury bug all year, but the games still must be played and they been average at best, losing to a weak Seahawks team at home.

The Cowboys also are very unpredictable, and have struggled to win so far. This team has literally thrown games away. In games that appeared to be won, they have found a way to lose.

Then there’s the Redskins. They started off fast but their strength of schedule was in question. If they were going to sneak in a good season, it would come via a favorable schedule. Well they have that, but I’m not so sure it will yield favorable results.

Someone has to win the NFC East. But no team has shown it is ready to go take the division.

There’s still time to improve and change the diminished reputation of the once-revered and respected NFC East. But for now it’s just a division of over-hyped teams performing at a barely average level.

Average may be good enough to win the division and make the playoffs. Average is not good enough to stay in them.