The Washington Capitals trail their Eastern Conference semifinal series against Tampa Bay, two games to none after dropping two at home. They now have two games in two nights in Tampa.

I believe the way to overcome a multiple-game deficit is one game at a time. There’s no need to panic in this situation. The Capitals are talented. They have shown the ability to run off consecutive wins. So it’s as simple as this: Play each game like it’s single-elimination.

Sometimes it takes adversity to force coaches and players to really buckle down and focus on a singular task.

That singular task is to win tonight’s game. That’s it. Nothing else matters. Just tonight.

With the veteran leadership and maturity on the Capitals, I am sure they will have this mind-set for the rest of this series.

It’s like an injured player’s mentality: To be able to execute despite being hurt, his focus has to be so laser sharp, he ends up performing at a very high level.

The Capitals will make a series out of this. I’m not sure what the outcome will be, but they will bounce back and make it a close series.