Today Chad Ochocinco wraps up his tryout with Sporting Kansas City. There have been a lot of opinions about Ochocinco’s MLS tryout: Some think it’s not a bad idea, and others think the injury risk is too high or that it’s just a publicity stunt.

I like the fact that Ochocinco exposes himself to different things. It's common knowledge that he loves soccer, and the fact that he's a world-class athlete who doesn't have a job right now means he has time to give it a shot.

I applaud Chad for trying to make the team. He could clearly be doing other things, like sitting at home or even complaining about the lockout, but he's not. In fact, he's building his profile and his brand.

If he's not worried about getting injured, why should we care? Go kick that ball, Chad, and I hope you make the team.