Chris Bosh is more than showing why he’s one of the Big Three. Though he may be considered the least important of the trio, he sure has been the biggest reason for Miami’s success against the Bulls.

Chicago’s bigs were supposed to be the difference in this series’ matchup and they have been, just not in the best way. They have not found a way to defend Bosh and he has been red hot in all three games.

The Heat as a whole has faced intense scrutiny and no player more than Bosh. All season long, people questioned his relevance--not to mention his heart and toughness.

Many felt the Heat were a super team because of Wade and James. Very few chose to include Bosh’s name, unless it was the punchline to a joke. Well if one series has enough weight to change minds, it’s this one . And the joke is now on the jokester.

Bosh has taken on the duties of being the dependable scorer needed against a very talented, defensively-oriented team. He has led the Heat victory in two out of three games and is doing so against some of the best defensive big men in the league.

Make no mistake about it: The presence of the other two has made it an easier task. But Bosh’s ability as a big man to score from anywhere on the court is making all the difference offensively against the Bulls.

Critics are never completely silenced, but for the time being Bosh is having a statement series and, depending on his performance the rest of the way, has set himself up to possibly earn an MVP award for the playoffs. That certainly justifies Bosh’s acquisition in a major way.