I could easily use stats and numbers to make a case for both players, but to me it's more than that. What else of value is brought to the table?

Fred Davis is a stud athlete with the speed of a receiver, he's still young and still learning. This means he has more upside than Cooley.

When Cooley went down in 2009, it made way for Davis to show his amazing abilities, as he was one of the lone bright spots of this team making big plays all year.

That said, Chris Cooley has been a Pro Bowler, he has been a consummate professional and a cornerstone for this Redskins team.

There can be no value placed on heart, leadership, dependability, drive and consistency — not to imply Davis doesn't posses these qualities, but I know with Chris, what you see is what you get; he's proven it. Davis still has yet to do so.

Cooley's abilities on the field have been praised not only locally but nationally, and even though he may be older and not as much of an athlete as Davis, he is clearly the starting tight end. He knows how to make plays and he knows how to maximize his abilities.

Both guys are amazing talents and should both get ample amounts of playing time, but in my opinion, the proven vet will and should always get the benefit of the doubt when deciding who will lead the way.

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