Tony Romo and the Cowboys got it done on Wednesday night. (Julio Cortez/AP)

What was supposed to be a showcase for Eli Manning and the defending Super Bowl champions turned out to be a message to the rest of the NFC East, and although it’s just one game, Dallas found a way to get out of the blocks quicker than the Giants in a 24-17 win.

A couple of observations:

— The Cowboys’ secondary looked really good, and that’s what they’ve been sorely needing.

— The Giants felt the loss of Brandon Jacobs, as their lack of a running game may have been the single biggest reason they lost.

— If Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant can stay focused, he could be the most physically athletically gifted receiver in the game. Dude is a freak. He could emerge as an elite player if his head can keep up with his body.

— The Cowboys have discovered yet another receiver in Kevin Ogletree, and DeMarco Murry ran for 129 yards, giving the Boys a balanced attack.

After last night this much is clear: The team that wins the NFC East will need a running game and a secondary.

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