The storyline surrounding Peyton Manning seems to be getting more interesting by the day. Owner Jim Irsay released a statement yesterday saying that the decision was in Manning's hands to remain with the Colts. On the same day, a report surfaced stating that Manning actually had four, not three, procedures on his neck.

All of this new information raises new questions:

— Irsay has been made to look like a villain in all of this, while Manning has been praised for being a good guy. Do these new developments change the viewpoints of this story?

I would have to say maybe a tad, but not drastically. Once the number is beyond two surgeries, what does it matter? Sure, he wasn't honest, but people know that he is having health issues surrounding that area of his body. It won't change the minds of his fans, but it will have a bearing on what team he plays for and how much he will be worth.

As for Irsay, it justifies some of his actions and comments. Of course, not all of them, as his ill-advised tweets are what really painted a nasty picture of him. However, his actions are a little more justifiable now, because the more information that surfaces the more we as outsiders have to realize that only people on the inside really know the extent of Manning's health.

— Is Irsay being a coward by implying that it's Manning's decision, not his, to remain a Colt?

Let's be real: Owners own and players play. That will be the day when a player makes a personnel decision involving his own job — not going to happen.

Sure, a player can take a paycut to make it more appealing to the team to maintain his roster spot, but that decision still comes down to the owner and administration signing off on it. So for that I won't say Irsay is acting cowardly, but it's definitely a case of smoke and mirrors.

— Will Peyton Manning ever play again?

Your guess is as good as mine, but neck and spine injuries are nothing to mess around with. Manning and his family are obviously smart and wealthy people so I don't expect him to make an uninformed decision. Manning stating that he will play leads me to believe someone he and his family trust and believe are telling him that he will be fine. I'm inclined to lean more toward the prospects of him being a quarterback in the NFL next year. For how long? Not even Peyton himself knows that answer.

Let's hope his health holds up and everything works out for the better. It’s crazy how one day you can be on top of the world and on the very next one you are doing your best to keep it from falling on top of you. Been there, done that.

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