If you were getting caught up in all of the Robert Griffin III hype, you might want to curb the enthusiasm. Of course it’s a possibility that the Redskins may be able to find a way to work a deal to jump into that number two spot, but there’s always the chance that they won’t.

(Tony Gutierrez)

So with all that being said, don’t be surprised if the Redskins end up loading up at receiver with the likes of guys like Vincent Jackson but bring in QBs like a Kyle Orton in free agency. If they bring in Orton I’m going to assume they will still try to move up for RGIII, but if unsuccessful will turn their attention to either a high selection of Ryan Tannehill or trade back to get some quality picks and grab Brandon Weeden in the second round.

I have to admit I’m almost torn over which may be the better play. While I feel very strongly that RGIII could come in and possibly be everything this franchise needs, there’s the chance he won’t. As for Orton and — take your pick — Tannehill or Weeden, it just seems more logical because you didn’t lose picks and the team would have more picks to build the team, which in my opinion is much more important right now.

Regardless of what side you fall on, both could turn out to be winning situations, just two different paths. Don’t be so hung up on getting the second prize of the draft that making prudent and wise decisions go by the wayside.

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