After watching Washington’s loss yesterday to the 49ers, it just seems that even when a team tries to give the Redskins opportunities, they can’t take advantage.

There were plenty of times when receivers were in position to make catches if quarterback John Beck had seen them. I don’t know if he missed them because he failed to see them, or because of his instructions on what to throw, where to throw it and how to throw it. It doesn’t really matter. The chances were there and they were missed again.

It’s also very clear that teams don’t need to do much in their defensive game plans for the Redskins. I talked to a reliable source who plays defense for one of Washington’s latest opponents, who said the game plan they used was simple and plain. His words, in short: “We can concentrate on a few simple reads because there’s really no need to do anything else.” As a friend, he’ll remain anonymous.

Teams don’t believe that the Redskins offense can score. And so far they are right.

Which leads to my next point.

We think the Redskins’ defense is really good, but is it? I’d beg to differ with the statements that the defense holds teams to a low point production and the offense is letting everyone down. The NFL is very competitive and much like the preseason, if a team can get through a regular season game without showing too much that’s what it will do. There is no need to put any unnecessary film out there to be studied by future opponents. These last two teams, Buffalo and San Francisco, both used this approach against the Redskins: use as little as possible to get a lead and then sit on it for the rest of the game.

Sad but true. The Redskins are so bad on offense that this is the thought process of their opponents. I’m sorry the defense plays well but if this were an elite defense it would generate game changing plays, score touchdowns or put the team at least in field goal range.

The Redskins scored their points in garbage time against San Francisco and the Eagles.

It hard to win games when a team is incapable of generating points when it counts. The question is whether these coaches can adjust enough to put guys in position to do better. We will certainly find out as the season continues.