A big debate erupted on my radio show about whether the NFL should be able to discipline players for things they've done during the work stoppage.

With a deal all but done between the owners and players, I can't help but to wonder if Commissioner Roger Goodell's first order of business will be to discipline the offenders of league rules when the league is reactivated?

At first, I was against any action being taken against unemployed workers, but that was before I was tutored on league and contractual policies. My question was: If there is a work stoppage and people are unemployed, then how can a company discipline that person once a contract is put in place to resume work?

But as it was explained to me, a player’s contract is inactive right now, but as soon as a deal is done, that player’s contract from the old agreement becomes active and all parts of the agreement are to be honored under the new CBA.

So if a player’s conduct has led a team to parting ways with a player, I get it. I also understand why a team can bring back a player who was unemployed and punish him for any wrongdoings during that time.

Fair is fair to me, and if teams have to pay out money retroactively to players because of the rules, it would make sense for players who break the rules during the work stoppage be retroactively punished.

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