Are you a VCU believer now? The Rams have been on a NCAA tourney tear. They’ve made people who said they shouldn't be there eat their words.

Life is about accepting or declining challenges and sports give us the unique opportunity to see these decisions play out right in front of us.

In this year’s tournament, No. 11 VCU has accepted the challenge and is one game away from playing for a championship.

That's right; the improbable has happened for the Rams -- they made the NCAA tournament, and then they won five games to make it to their first ever Final Four.

When they beat Southern California, it was a win that got them out of the added opening round. They were flying under the radar, and even after a victory against a struggling Georgetown, nobody knew how dangerous this team was.

It wasn't until victories over Purdue and Florida State that the country started taking real notice of this small school from the commonwealth of Virginia.

Kansas was the lone No. 1 seed standing in the tournament. The Jayhawks were expected to be to strong down low and too athletic for what would seem to be the grossly overmatched Rams, but they, too, fell victim, losing 71-61.

Next up for the Rams are the Butler Bulldogs, who also defied the odds to make it to the Final Four this year. The only difference is that Bulter is experienced and confident — this same team played for it all a year ago and almost beat Duke, losing at the buzzer.

These are the tougher games to win because both teams are underdogs, so there will be no underestimation on either side.

Two things about this VCU team that no opponent has figured out yet: their perimeter shooting and their pressure defense.

Unexpectedly, Shaka Smart and his senior-woven team have made their statement in this year’s tournament. Let’s see how long they can take this magic carpet ride.