The Redskins did everything they had to do to win in New Orleans Sunday. The biggest challenge was going to be keeping things simple for Robert Griffin III, at least that’s what I thought going into the game.

This young man not only handled the pressure of being in a hostile environment for his first contest, he also handled everything the Saints threw at him. Griffin took what the defense gave him and he wore that Saints unit out for four quarters. If there were any questions about his capabilities, they should be gone now. Griffin is the real deal.

There also was a lot of speculation about whether Mike and Kyle Shanahan could craft an offense suitable to fit Griffin’s unique skills. In my estimation, the offensive scheme we saw was amazing. When is the last time the Redskins scored 40 points? So for once, the Shanahans deserve credit. They did a masterful job with Griffin.

As for the defense, well they’re going to have to be better. They were great against the run but the pressure on the opposing QB has to improve. The secondary has to play better. They got Saints quarterback Drew Brees off his mark and got in his face, but that’s not enough. In seasons past, giving up 32 points equals a loss for this team. It’s not realistic to expect the offense to consistently put up the kinds of numbers we saw Sunday.

But, all in all, the Redskins’ offense controlled the game’s tempo and time of possession, and the defense made big plays when they were needed.

Another positive was kicker Billy Cundiff. If he can consistently kick like that, he becomes another weapon. This team looks to have two major components it hasn’t had in ages: a QB and a kicker.

I’m not ready to change my mind on this being a rough year for the Redskins, but I’m certainly okay with them changing my mind. Don’t look now but a QB and a kicker could make for an interesting season.

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