I wrote last week about how things with this team seem eerily similar to teams of the past. After yesterday’s game, I believe my post is more than confirmed.

I have to admit that when I saw the look on Brian Orakpo’s face while he was on the bench at the end of the game against Carolina, it woke up so many feelings and I truly felt his pain and frustration.

Sometimes I have “what-if” moments, and seeing that young man on that bench reminded me of some of them.

I wonder what would have happened if I had the opportunity to play for the Redskins with the same coach from start to finish. What if I had the chance to play for a team that knew how to win? What if I had played for a team that had a franchise QB?

I started drawing parallels in my career: When I was in high school I had the same coaches and we won. When I was in college I had the same coaches the entire time and we won.

When I became a pro, at one point I had been though more head coaches than I had played years in the league and we lost.

I was hoping things would be different for guys like Orakpo but he seems to be going through the same things I did when I played here. He’s only in his third season and has yet to have a break-even season, let alone a winning season, and he too has yet to have a franchise QB.

The one thing I can’t seem to figure out for the life of me is how can a team bring in so many different personalities at head coach and have the same results?

Usually I’d say what everyone else usually says: It's the owner. But I truly believe Dan Snyder has distanced himself from the decision-making duties, so it can’t be him, right?

Can’t be coaches; there have been way too many to come and go and only one has made it past three years as coach. That was Joe Gibbs, and he barely did that. So it can’t be the coaches; they aren’t here long enough, right?

Can’t be the players; there have been way, way too many of them . How many players drafted as Redskins retired as Redskins? If I’m correct, the Redskins of the Snyder era have only had one player do it and that’s Chris Samuels. So it can’t be the players; they aren’t here long enough, right?

It’s really strange to me, honestly, I’m totally perplexed as to why this tiger’s stripes don’t change. Ultimately the only consistency about this team is how it finds a way to consistently underachieve.

Anyway, the team is 3-3 now. Let’s see if they can find a way to bounce back in a game in Canada this weekend against a pretty good Bills team.