As the third and most important preseason game quickly approaches for the Redskins, I can’t help but think there are still so many questions and so little time to answer them.

People will want to make this Saturday’s game about the first and second picks of the 2012 draft--Andrew Luck vs. Robert Griffin III. Who did better? I hope Griffin comes out on top in those postgame conversations, but that shouldn’t be the biggest storyline of this game.

What’s most important is determining whether the Redskins’ first units can step up in a game against an inferior opponent that has game-planned for this contest. Can they execute well? Can they win the battle in the trenches on both sides of the ball? Can they protect Griffin and get to Luck?

Can the Redskins set the tone for themselves by taking care of business, knowing that the next time they see the field it will be to face an emotionally charged New Orleans Saints team?

We still don’t know what’s going to happen with the offensive lineup. We have no idea who the starting tailback will be.

What about the defensive secondary? Who will the safeties be and will they be able to make things easier on the corners with their coverage?

Will Brian Orakpo really be healthy enough to play in two weeks?

I know I sound like a skeptic and a Redskins hater. But I’m asking rational questions. These are legitimate concerns.

My biggest concern is that there are too many questions to be answered in such a short time.