Saturday afternoon’s victory over the Colts was a much-needed win. Sure, the game doesn’t count in the regular season wins and losses columns, but it was a win in the beliefs and confidence columns.

After a shaky first series, the offense settled in and moved the ball well enough to score--a much needed confidence booster for the team but more specifically for rookie QB Robert Griffin III. The defense looked strong and showed it has some depth. Chris Wilson came in for an injured Rob Jackson at linebacker and played outstanding football.

Players will never admit this, but preseason games do carry some weight with them. Poor performances in games two and three can sit in the backs of their minds when they start the season. Players want to see results in games. Starters always gauge their performances when they leave the game. The first conversation among players is about whether they played well enough to win had they been playing a full game.

The Colts game goes into the much needed moral victory category. Once again the Redskins came away relatively injury free, the reserves played well and we got to see Tim Hightower back in action.

First roster cuts are Monday and the remaining roster warriors will have the entire game on Wednesday to make their final case about why they should be on the team. Look for the receivers in this game as there is just not enough room for all of those guys. It will be competitive.